Everything for your website

Individual concept

Every website will be customized to your individual needs. If desired a new corporate design will serve as the basic layout style. Good readability and a clear structure are the most important aspects. The visitor shall find his way to the information he needs, through an easy navigation and user guidance.


Smartphones & Tablets

It is self-evident that your website looks as good on smartphones and tablets as on the desktop. The contents should be readable on all devices without the need to enlarge the display. This can ideally be achieved With „Responsive Webdesign“.

Good search results

What use is an appealing website, if nobody can find it in the internet? There are many ways to optimize a website in such a way, that it gets on top of the search results of google and other search engines. Your site can be promoted through a variety of online marketing measures.

And additionally?


Wether you need a simple website or a content management system or an online shop, the appropriate web techniques will be used.


How can you best represent your business in the Internet? What are the legal issues to consider? Which layout fits best to the goals of the website and the needs of your users? In all these questions you will be extensively consulted.


A website must always be kept updated with the latest information. New information is added. After the deployment of your website, it will still be maintained and taken care of.

Client projects

That's me

As computer specialist I have developed software for many years and took care of different customers by analyzing their needs and finding technical solutions in various software projects

In one of these projects I was getting involved in Webdesign, which I found a fascinating area. It has since then developed into a passion, because it offers a perfect mix of technical and design challenges, topics which interests me most. Sine 2014 I became a Webdesign freelancer.

In my leisure time I have always enjoyed to draw, paint or to take photos. Now I can combine these artistic interests with my programming knowledge, which is required for the implementation of a website. Webdesign is an exciting topic with always new trends and tools, which is never boring. 


I can offer

Design and Concept. Individual.

Internet presence is an important advertisement and marketing instrument for most companies. A clear and structured design will let your visitor stay on the page for a longer time. Colors, typographie, style and images must be aligned with the topics and corporate design of your company. If not already existing, a corporate design may be […]

Umsetzung. Kompetent.

Webseiten sind unterschiedlich komplex. Statische Seiten, deren Inhalt stets gleich bleibt, sind einfacher zu realisieren als dynamische Webseiten, deren Inhalt zum Beispiel von Formulareingaben oder Suchanfragen abhängt. Immer beliebter werden die sogenannten Content Management Systeme, die es selbst dem Web Laien auf relativ einfache Weise erlauben, selbst Änderungen am Inhalt vorzunehmen, nachdem die Seite bereits […]

Pflege und Wartung. Zuverlässig.

Eine Webseite sollte stets lebendig und aktuell bleiben. Es kommen neue Dinge hinzu, wie zum Beispiel Produkte oder Dienstleistungen. Es ändern sich rechtliche Bestimmungen oder man möchte den Besuchern neue Einblicke und Möglichkeiten verschaffen, neuere Formen des Marketings ausprobieren, ein Layout auffrischen etc. Und sicher gibt es nach der Erstellung einer Webseite Bedarf an Korrekturen […]

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